Technical details how the pictures were selected and stored

Pictures for several categories were selected from Picture Archives that contain about one thousand pictures. The selected pictures were saved into a new directory in JPEG format with high compression level (70, using Paint Shop Pro 3) and resolution 150 DPI (images were not resized, but some of them were cropped). Resulting images have size approximately 880 x 580 x 16 Million (from 4 x 6 prints) or 840 x 510 x 16 Million (from 3.5 x 5 prints) and occupy 40 KB in average.

Pictures from Archives have slightly better quality because they were compressed with medium quality option, but they occupy much more memory, 100 KB in average. Details on how pictures were scanned and stored in Archives are available too.

Black and white dithered pictures were created using Paint Shop Pro 3: Colors/ Decrease Color Depth/ 2 Colors.../ [(Palette - Grey Values or Blue Components or Green Components, Weighted), (Reduction Method - Error Diffusion - Floyd-Steinberg)]. Images were cropped so that width:height=4:3. Pictures were printed to Postscript files (Image width 7.5, Image height 10.0, Centered on page).

Sheets of thumbnails were created by Paint Shop Browser and saved as GIF.

Representative thumbnails from each roll of film were created by cropping to a square image, resampling to 100x100 DPI, possible editing (typically, sharpening), and saving as JPEG with Compression Level 20?.

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