Resonance states of atomic anions

We study destabilization of an atom in its ground state with decrease of its nuclear charge. By analytic continuation from bound to resonance states, we obtain complex energies of unstable atomic anions with nuclear charge which is less than the minimum "critical" charge necessary to bind N electrons. We use an extrapolating scheme with a simple model potential for the electron which is loosely bound outside the atomic core. Results for O-- and S-- are in good agreement with earlier estimates. Alternatively, we use the Hylleraas-basis variational technique with three complex nonlinear parameters to find accurately the energy of two-electron atoms as the nuclear charge decreases. Results are used to check the less accurate one-electron model.

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Mathematica programs and results of calculations

Variational calculations of the energy for helium isoelectronic series as a function of the nuclear charge on Hylleraas basis set:
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