Directory of files of A. Sergeev

Selected files were copied from Sergeev's computer to a public directory on the university computer for public access. Only three files were considerably edited, and one new file was created. Retaining files in their original form provides information which is objective to the maximum extent. Word documents were converted to HTML or postscript formats. In addition, many articles and photographs were scanned and their images were linked for easy access.

 Files necessary to apply for job positions and research grants 
 Published papers, preprints and conference abstracts 
 Unpublished reports 
 On-line calculations 
 Conference presentations 
 Large collection of pictures 

Scripts for system monitoring

For better exchange of information, Sergeev's files are allowed for copying, modifying, and distribution for any purpose. Pictures are expected to be used according to commonly accepted rules and regulations.

Designed by A. Sergeev.