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THEOCHEM - the first Israeli meeting on theoretical chemistry, October 9 - 10, 2002, Jerusalem Evaluation of the nuclear factor of the probability of a radiationless transition by integration over the dominant regions in phase space, with B. Segev Abstract
The 67th annual meeting of the Israel Chemical Society. January 29-30, 2002, Jerusalem Quasiclassical versus phase space approaches to radiationless transitions in molecules, with B. Segev Abstract
MOLEC-2000, the XIIIth European Conference on Dynamics of Molecular Collisions. September 17-22, 2000, Jerusalem Resonance states of atomic anions, with S. Kais Abstract
Propensity rules for surface-jumping between multidimensional oscillators: mathematical aspects of the phase-space approach, with B. Segev Abstract
32nd Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, May 20-22, 1999 Estimation of the critical charge for atomic isoelectronic series Abstract
31st Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference, Purdue University, Indiana, May 21-23, 1998 Variational principles for critical parameters and ionization energies of quantum systems Abstract
New methods in quantum theory. NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Halkidiki, Greece, 14-19 May 1995 High Orders of 1/D-Expansion for Three-Body Systems Abstract
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5-th EPS Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics. Edinburgh, UK, 3 - 7 April 1995 Fermi-like resonances in a Rydberg atom Abstract*
Russian conference on spectroscopy, 1995 Fermi-like resonances in a spectrum of circular Rydberg states of a hydrogen atom in a magnetic field Abstract*
   (in Russian)
EGAS26, Barcelona, 1994 Large orders of the 1/n-expansion and quasiclassical tunneling decay for atoms in external fields, with V. S. Popov Abstract:
   Pages 1, 2
4-th ICAP Conference. Boulder, Colorado, 1994 Semiclassical dimensional expansion for atoms in external fields Abstract*:
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Few-body problems in physics, 1993 Large-order dimensional expansion for three-body systems Abstract*:
   Pages 1, 2
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EGAS25, Caen, France, 1993 Large orders of the 1/n-expansion in atomic physics, with V. S. Popov Abstract
Square integrable basis for the calculation of above-threshold multiphoton transitions in atoms, with A. I. Shersyuk. Abstract
*Abstract was published in a Book of Abstracts, but the conference was not attended.
**Poster was presented, but the conference was not attended.
Some formulas in text format were missed.

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