Results of work at BGU with B. Segev, unpublished reports

Detailed testing and analysis of results of the paper of B. Segev and E. J. Heller, J. Chem. Phys. 112, 4004 (for harmonic oscillators)

Finding constraint minima for separable anharmonic potential with cubic anharmonicity

Harmonic oscillator approximation

Comparison with exact overlap integrals

Plan of a possible paper

Wigner function of anharmonic oscillator

Propensity rules for oscillators by phase-space distribution approach

Perturbation theory for harmonic potential with cubic anharmonicity

Report: Summary of work on propensity rules for harmonic oscillators

Most probable path in phase space for a tunnelling transition in a molecule

Distribution of transition probability over different states of constant energy

Finding the total integral

Seminar: Estimation of exponentially small Franck-Condon factors in the framework of phase space distributions

Transitions in 1-phenylpyrrole molecule

On-line calculations
 Quantum transitions in harmonic oscillators
 Constraint minimization of function of two variables


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